Boosting Energy and Banishing Brain Fog: Hometown Pharmacy’s NutrEval Testing

I recently decided some things in my life needed a refresher. New exercise program, new career, and now new vitamins. Ok, so that one might seem a little strange. But as I was looking over some of the changes I wanted to make to my overall health I started to wonder just where I stood when it came to nutrition. Was I really getting everything my body needed from just food? Turns out, I wasn’t.

In my journey to find out just what was lacking I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple test that could tell you exactly where you were deficient?

Great news! I found one.

Hometown Pharmacy offers testing through their Hometown Healthy program called NutrEval. It’s a blood test that takes a look at all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and tells you where you’re lacking.

And like nearly 40% of Americans, my test results showed I was vitamin deficient.

My Functional Health Consultant Pharmacist Heather Walker analyzed my results and set up a consultation with me to talk more about what supplements I needed. She was able to do the consult virtually from her Hometown Pharmacy office which made it very convenient.

I was surprised to learn I basically had no Omega 3’s in my body and was also deficient in B3’s.

Heather walked me through the entire analysis. She explained that being low in B vitamins can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb protein. And having low Omega 3’s is a sign of inflammation in your body, “Making sure we get that Omega 3 index up can definitely help us feel better by reducing inflammation. It can also help us absorb nutrients properly, because when inflammation is going on in our body, we can’t absorb all the nutrients we need.”

I found the analysis fascinating and definitely wanted to get things back on track for my optimal health. Heather put together a personalized plan that included a wide range of supplements including the Omega 3’s, B Vitamins that I was lacking. But she also added Magnesium because even if your levels are good your body still needs more, and an antioxidant to help with any toxins my body couldn’t get rid of on it’s own.

I asked Heather how soon she thought I’d see a difference, “Within the first week you should start to see increased energy.” Then she added one more benefit to taking the supplements, “Brain fog can also decrease or eliminate within that first month if you’re having brain fog. Because we’re decreasing inflammation in your body.” ~ WOW! I couldn’t wait for my vitamin packs to arrive in the mail.

I’ve been on my personalized supplements which I take twice a day, for about two months and I have to say I really do feel a difference. I felt an energy boost within the first few weeks and my brain fog improved after the first month. But I especially noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep I’m getting. And who doesn’t need that?

If you’re interested in getting a comprehensive analysis of your nutritional needs and a personalized supplement plan contact Hometown Pharmacy and ask about their NutrEval program. It can be a valuable tool on your journey to optimal health.

This post is in partnership with Hometown Pharmacy

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