Val Lego has been writing about health and lifestyle for nearly 25 years. She spent the majority of her reporting as a television journalist. You may also recognize Val from the Netflix Documentary Making of a Murderer where she earned her 15 seconds of fame!

But Val is mostly known for being an Emmy Award winning accredited health reporter with Fellowships from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the California Endowment for Health Care Journalists. Her stories include a wide range of topics from ground breaking COVID treatments to advancements in cancer research and children’s health.

And while Val enjoys delving into serious health topics, she also has a lighter side. As a former Lifestyle Host Val has used her engaging personality to bring information to viewers on the newest exercise craze like goat yoga to healthier options for your favorite foods and finding skin care that you can actually eat! Val is always looking for a unique way to give viewers on social media and TV a fun way to live a healthier lifestyle.

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