My Favorites

Here are some of my favorite products. I love them so much I wanted to share them with you. Some of them make my life easier, some of them save money and some of them work so great I can believe it! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I’d love to hear what you think about My Favorites.

Skinbetter makes the BEST sunscreen for your face. I’ve been using it for years and I have yet to find one that compares. It’s a broad spectrum 75 SPF, water resistant and although it says it lasts for 80 minutes, it lasts much longer if you don’t have time to reapply (I’ve sometimes gone as long as 4 hours). I’ve used this while boating at the start of summer and never once came home with a sunburn! It can be a little shocking when you first put it on, you’re face will be white and takes about 5 minutes to completely soak in. One added benefit is that it’s tinted so it also gives you a little coverage! It’s a little on the pricey end $75 a bottle. But I find I can get 2 months out of one bottle and when I consider the sun damage I’m saving myself from ~ it’s worth it!

Butter London is one of my favorite nail polish brands. My nails are too dry to use shellac so I have to use regular polish. Not only does this brand have great shine, but it’s long lasting. With a good top coat I can get a week out of my nail polish chip free even with washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom! They have awesome colors too. But it is a bit pricey at $18 a bottle. So I always wait for it to be featured on GMA’s Deals and Steals. It pops up pretty regularly and it’s usually 75% off so I stock up!

This one may seem a little out of place given the price points on my first two Favs, BUT after leaving TV I decided I was no longer going to pay top dollar for foundation. This Wet n Wild brand retails for just under $6. I love the dewy finish, it gives great coverage and lasts ALL DAY. I was very surprise how it compared to the pricier foundations I’ve been wearing for the past 10 years. For the price, I say give it a try!

This is like cover up for your eyelids. I use this MAC eyeshadow everyday whether I have full foundation on or just a clean face. The Painterly shade is a very neutral color that hides and darkening or redness you may have on your eyelids. It stays on all day and has a nice subtle shimmer. The container is very small but lasts a loonnng time. The only thing I’ve found is that I have to be very intentional about blending it into the corners of my eyes, otherwise it kinda sits there and you can totally tell I didn’t blend ~ yikes. This was a game changer for me in looking more awake and put together with little effort! It seems pricey at $25 but it lasts for months.

If you are looking for a “pick me up” for your face morning, afternoon, or evening ~ this is it. The Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist has just the right mix to give you that refreshed dewy look, especially if you wear matte makeup or are on a 12 hour make up day. I give my face a few spritzes and pat it down with a makeup sponge and boom! I look like I just applied my makeup for the day. I reached for this product in particular because my mother always used rosewater and glycerin on my face when I was little because I had such dry skin. So, admittedly it has the additional quality of taking me back to those days. And I love the smell too! And for under $12 it’s a great buy. I can usually get mine to last at least two months.

If you do your own nails like me, then you are probably always searching for a great top coat that extends your polish. I love Seche Vite. When my mother-in-law put this in my Christmas stocking I never knew how life changing it would be! Not only is the shine amazing, but I can paint my nails on Sunday and they still look freshly painted by the end of the week, even through typing and dishwashing. And, I was pleasantly surprised to see it being used at the nail salon when I got a pedicure (it’s the one service I splurge on because, well foot rubs… ahhh) . And for just $7 a bottle it’s worth it. The only draw back is that it can get a little gummy halfway through the bottle. But, that’s not enough to get me to stop using is because the reward of only having to paint my nails once a week is sooo worth it!

Ok this product really delivers. I saw it on GMA Deals and Steals (one of my biggest obsessions!) and I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my nails. Thinks glycolic facial for your nails. Seriously. The Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System only takes about 10 minutes. There’s the glycolic pen that you paint on let dry then use the buffer and watch your ridges disappear. Use the moisturizing pen to finish it off and you are on your way to stronger, prettier nails. This is great for dry brittle nails. I was starting to get a few nails that wanted to peel at their ends, this product cured that issue and also got rid of my ridges. I use it once a week and I can’t believe the difference. My nails feel like they’re 16 again! It’s a little pricey at $30, but as I mentioned I got it for at least 50% off on GMA. It’s lasted me about 3 months so even for the price it’s worth it.

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