Unlocking the Secrets of Health: How the Van Andel Institute is changing the way we think about metabolism

Slow, fast, or somewhere in between, your metabolism is responsible for giving you energy to get through the day. And yet, have you really thought much about it?

We’ve been talking about metabolism for decades. It usually has to do with weight loss, menopause, or weight gain. But Dr. Sara Nowinski at the Van Andel Institute (VAI) is taking a deeper look at how metabolism affects our overall health, and I had a chance to talk with her about it.

Dr. Sara Nowinski VAI Lab
Courtesy: Van Andel Institute

In her lab at VAI’s Department of Metabolism and Nutritional Programming, Dr. Nowinski is discovering why two people can eat the same diet but their metabolisms processes it differently. For example, one person stays healthy while the other develops cancer.

Dr. Nowinski says it all comes down to how your cells decide to use that energy. That’s what makes her research so groundbreaking, it’s proof that we really are more than what we eat.

Dr. Sara Nowinski 
Courtesy: Van Andel Institute

My conversation with Dr. Nowinski was so interesting because she makes this complex topic easy to understand. And her engaging personality and excitement is refreshing. The great news is that you have a chance to ask Dr. Nowinski about her research during the Food For Thought: A Conversation About Fueling Metabolism luncheon hosted by Carol Van Andel at the Van Andel Institute. This will be an eye opening look at metabolism and its effect on our bodies.

All the proceeds from the luncheon will fund Dr. Nowinski’s research which she hopes can help develop new therapies for life-threatening diseases, and encourage people to make healthier choices for their metabolism.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about your body’s metabolism and help contribute to the advancement of Dr. Nowinski’s research.

The luncheon is November 15 from 11:30a to 1:30p at the Van Andel Institute. Tickets are still available. I hope to see you there!

Written in partnership with the Van Andel Institute

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